Ryan Sullivan(non-registered)
Hey Bill,

Glad I could find your site - Ran into you up at sunrise point for star photos and tipsoo lake the other day for sunrise. Hope you got some good stuff from that trip. Impressive wildlife shots!

Nice talking to you up there.
Hannah S(non-registered)
I just seen this your website...these are great pictures!
Michael Henry(non-registered)
I like the pictures. I am going to have to buy some later
Dave cowell(non-registered)
Your site is coming along very nicely Bill!
Tracy J McGuire(non-registered)
Bill, I am so PROUD of you and the hobby you have excelled in. We are are long way from good ole MHS! I love looking at your photos! Thank you so very much for sharing them with us.
Esther Addington(non-registered)
Son, the pictures are all very awesome. I'm proud of you. Love, Mother
Lola Bridgeford(non-registered)
Bill....your pictures are beatiful! I can't pick a favorite and wonder at the patience it took to get some of these shots! I really look forward to seeing more!
Roberta (The other Roberta)(non-registered)
I think, for your first "one man show", you should use the frames from IKEA. They are black and only about $22 each. It looks good to have them all alike but different sizes. As soon as you figure out that you are ready.......dah! I'll make calls and get you a show.

I'll cut mats for you too.

Awesome, and I bet it's fun too!
Joe Thornton(non-registered)
Thats pretty cool man!!
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